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Artisan Contractors

We have developed a new approach to providing broad, comprehensive coverages to our commercial clients. We offer the Artisan Contractor Industry Program based on the ISO business owners policy for special trade contractors. This new integrated program supports our commercial strategy and provides a variety of new coverages. The industry is made up of two major segments:

  1. Construction, Plumbers, Electricians, Heating and Air Conditioning
  2. Painters Service, Landscape Gardeners, Janitorial Services and Carpet Cleaners.

Automotive (Trades)

We have developed a new approach to providing broad, comprehensive coverage to our business customers. This new integrated program supports our business strategy and provides a variety of new coverages.

We cover:

  • Body Shops
  • Muffler Shops
  • Repair Shops
  • Transmission Shops
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Quick Lube Oil Change Outlets

Business Auto

Commercial vehicles are commonly an integral part of any businesses. It’s our desire to make coverage for these vehicles available to fulfill the insurance needs of these businesses. Commercial Vehicle Coverage can be written as part of the business owners package, or may be written as a separate monoline auto policy.

We have elected to pursue two major groups of vehicles that may contain acceptable risks. They are:

  • Vehicles used in the select industry groups
  • Vehicles not in the select industry groups


We have designed habitational products that contain new coverage plans for apartment owners and condominium associations. These unique coverage plans and innovative policies are going to reinforce our image as an industry leader.


Manufacturing includes businesses engaged in the mechanical or chemical transformation of materials into new products. These businesses are usually described as plants, factories or mills and characterized by the use of power driven machines and material handling equipment. The product of a manufacturing business may be a final product in that it is ready for use or consumption, or it may be a raw material for further manufacturing. The assembling of component parts is also considered manufacturing if the new product is not a building or other fixed improvement. The manufacturing product focuses on five operations for the business owner’s policy. All manufacturing risks must be submitted for approval to the Commercial Service Center.

Commercial Real Estate

We are a leading provider of commercial real estate insurance coverage, products and services. Our commercial real estate program is intended for owners of buildings which are leased or rented for office, retail, light industrial, light manufacturing, or service-type business occupancies. Parking areas may be provided for the building occupants and customers.



The food service industry ranges from small carry-out restaurants to large institutional food services. Restaurants, bars, industrial and institutional food preparation services, caterers and mobile food wagons all belong to this group. The type of business we want to write is restaurants - a clearly defined segment of this large industry group. Family oriented restaurants are our primary focus. Food service is their main business. Sale of beer, wine or liquor is only incidental to meal service.

Retail / Service

The Retail and Service industries are market niches in which we have elected to compete. The most common businesses in the U.S. are small retail stores, providers of services to businesses and individuals, and professional offices. We have selected seven historically profitable types of businesses as its Retail/Service target markets: Printers & Copiers, Food Stores, Retail Stores, Repair Shops (other than auto), Hardware & Home Improvement, Offices and Dry Cleaners.

Wholesale (Distribution)

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage to our commercial clients in a single policy. This integrated program supports our commercial customers' basic insurance needs yet provides a variety of optional coverage.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Do your business insurance customers know you may be able to provide them the extra safeguard of an employment practices liability insurance policy? Any business with employees recognizes the responsibility to comply with employment laws. They also recognize that every year these laws grow more complicated and place a greater burden on the employer to protect and/or accommodate employees. EPLI is available to any of your commercial customers and may be written before securing other business with the client. The underwriting, policy processing and claims services functions are performed on behalf of the Mid-Century® Insurance Company by Zurich U.S. The coverage offered is one of the most comprehensive you will find in the marketplace.

EPLI is one of the fastest growing products in today's insurance marketplace. The product provides protection against allegations including the following:

  • Wrongful termination (including breach of contract)
  • Wrongful failure to promote
  • Wrongful demotion or reassignment
  • Wrongful refusal to hire
  • Harassment, Coercion and Discrimination
  • Slander, defamation, libel or invasion of privacy. Liability limits are available to a maximum of $1 million aggregate, inclusive of defense costs. An endorsement to add third party liability is available for additional premium. Deductible of $5 thousand, $10 thousand  and $25 thousand are available subject to risk size and SIC. A coinsurance option is also available.

Flood Insurance


Small business and condominium association owners are subject to the same possibility of building and contents loss from flood faced by residential homeowners; however, this exposure is often overlooked in their risk management programs. Flooding happens all across the country and occurs with largely unpredictable scope and severity, and it is not an event that occurs only to those living near water. In fact, it is safe to suggest that everyone should be concerned about flooding. This is where the our flood insurance program fits in. Our flood program can provide coverage to small business or condominium association owners for water or mudflow losses excluded in traditional insurance policies.

Pollution (Insurance)

Mid-Century® Insurance Company has arranged through a reinsurance agreement with Zurich U.S., a member of the Zurich Group®, to provide this program. Although the policy is written through Mid-Century®, the underwriting, policy processing and claims services functions will be performed by Zurich U.S. The policy is written only with a supporting garage plan business insurance product from our Insurance Group. Like the others, it is 100% reinsured. There are two types of policies available in the program.

  1. Coverage for storage tank systems only
  2. Coverage for dealer and repair operations and includes any storage tank system as well


Surety Bond Program

Our Insurance agents (in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming) can now apply and receive approval for a surety bond. This easy to use system will allow an agent to perform the following tasks:

  • Complete a bond application
  • Obtain a bond quote
  • Execute a surety bond
  • Secure an electronic Power of Attorney
  • Obtain a bond number
  • Obtain a customer invoice

All other agents can take advantage of the quote and application function of the system. Completed applications can be printed and forwarded to the Surety Bond Servicing Office for your state. Expansion of the bond issuance system to your state will be announced in advance.

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